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On October 17th, Gujarat Ecology Commission, the State Project Management Unit for the Integrated Coastal Zone Management Project (ICZMP) hosted a workshop on the ICZMP Gujarat in Bhuj, Kutch District for district level officials from various state govt. departments.

The workshop aims to provide a platform for government officials of various departments with reference to coastal zone management, to communicate with one another about existing schemes and how these schemes can be linked to produce outcomes to benefit the communities in Gujarat’s coastal zone. This communication exercise between managers in an integrated framework is an important exercise for integrated management.

Officials belonging to the following departments (and more) shall participate in the workshop:

1. Agriculture

2. Animal Husbandry

3. Irrigation

4. Water Supply

5. Social Forestry

6. Rural Development

7. Education

8. Health

9. Watershed Development

10. Public Works

Within this integrated framework, the workshop is exptected to initiate a dialogue on how different departments can form linkages with another to cooperate for integrated coastal zone management. More updates soon.