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World Sparrow Day 2014: Celebrating the role of the sparrow in nature's cycle

A house sparrow looks on against a bright blue sky

Hundreds if not thousands of international organizations, NGOs, individuals, multilateral development agencies celebrated World Sparrow Day all over the globe on March 20th, as they do every year since the genesis of this event. Countless workshops, campaigns, tweets and facebook posts described World Sparrow Day 2014. One must laud the efforts of all these various entities and institutions in promoting an important issue like the conservation of Sparrows which also signifies biodiversity conservation on the whole.

However, one needs to seriously reflect on an issue such as this one. A mere click the “Like” or “Retweet” button may spread awareness and show our interest in the issue, but will it solve the problem? It is therefore important to look at the bigger picture, go into its depth and ask ourselves certain questions about the circle of life, nature, its diverse and infinite elements, the questions and concerns that surround them today. Why the sparrow?…why not? Loss of biodiversity is a very significant indicator of the state of our environment, our world and what it means for the future. If a species simply disappears or is less frequently spotted in its usual habitat, this must concern us.